For Large and Small Companies

Welcome to the TMAQ website

a machinery manufacturer for small and large companies, with a great experience on screen printing applications, furnaces, and automatization.

  • ★ Screen Printing

    We have a great experience on screen printing, as most of the people were working at Insegraf

  • ★ Furnaces

    We can manufacturer furnaces for screen printing or coatings, but also for any other applications.

  • ★ Automatization

    Customable automatization of manufacturing processes focusing to productivity is the key to be competitive. We can help you in this area.

  • ★ Service

    We can give a fast support for our machines, and solve occasional problems and issues, because we now that production cannot stop.

  • ★ Philosophy

    For industry we assemble high quality industrial electronic and mechanical components
    Machines are nowadays less mechanics and more electronics and software. As a machine does not work only with the hardware, we can supply a software backup to the customer, so can be restored if there is any problem or replacement.
    We use open source software and collaborate with it were possible

  • ★ People

    Our company joins people with hight acknowledgements in their area.